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After you have loaded the game and the introduction is completed, the
Main Menu will appear with the following choices:

Start Game
Disk Storage
Sample Game


To begin a new game:

1. Select START GAME on the main menu. You will be
instantly transported to the beginning of the
Note: Selecting START GAME erases any game you
may currently be playing, unless you have
saved that game on a disk (see DISK STORAGE).


To return to your game:

Select CONTINUE if you want to return to your game
without using other menu options.


To save or reload a game:

Alice in Wonderland, like most adventures, may take
more than a day to complete. You can create a storage
disk to save a game in progress and then return to,
or restore, that game at some later time. See the
CREATE note below for help in preparing a storage disk.

After selecting Disk Storage, the following sub-menu
will appear:
Move the cursor to the item of your choice and select.

1. SAVE After selecting SAVE, the following message will
appear: GAME 1 2 3 4 5
Each number represents a location on your storage disk
where you can save a game. Move the cursor onto a
number and select. Follow the prompts on the screen.
Your game will be saved as that number. Follow the
prompts to return to the game, or shut your computer
off if you prefer to return to the game at a later
Note: You cannot save more than 5 games per storage
disk. If you try to save more than 5 games on the same
disk, an existing one will be erased.

2. RESTORE After selecting RESTORE, the following message
will appear: GAME 1 2 3 4 5
Move the cursor to the number you wish to load and
select. Follow the prompts on the screen. The game you
had previously saved at that number will load and you
can begin playing.

3. CREATE After selecting CREATE, follow the prompts to
prepare a blank disk so that it can be ready for use as
a storage disk.

4. RETURN TO MENU If you can't figure this one out, hang
it up!


To get a preview of WONDERLAND
Note: Do NOT select the Sample Game in the middle of actual
game play. It will erase your current game.


Walk: Move the joystick left or right.
Jump: While standing still: Hold the joystick button down
and push the joystick in the direction you wish to
While walking or running: Press the joystick button.
To jump from a ladder or rope: Press the joystick
button and push the joystick sideways.
Run: Keep the joystick pressed to one side after jumping.
Climb: Push the joystick forward or backward while you are
on a ladder, rope or chain.
Crawl: Pull the joystick toward you when Alice is in a
standing position to stoop down. Push the joystick
left or right. Stand up: Push the joystick away from
you when Alice is in the crawl position.
Fall: Walk off the end of a ledge or a tree limb.
Glide: Gliding downward is possible only if you have a
parasol. Alice will glide if you push the joystick
button while she is falling. Once the glide begins,
push the joystick sideways to glide left or right.
Gliding upward is possible with a different object.
Select USE on the option menu to activate this object.
You may ontrol he directin of your ascent by pushing
the joystick left or right.
Exit a
Door: Position yourself in front of a door and press the
joystick button. You may need to kneel down before
attempting to enter very low doors.


The Option Menu:


To use the option menu:

1. Hold the joystick button down and pull the joystick towards
you. The menu should appear.

2. Move the cursor around the menu by pushing the joystick in
the direction you want it to go.

3. Stop on the option of you choice; press the joystick button
to select that option.

4. To cycle through your inventory, push up on the joystick.

Note: Whenever the option menu is visible, the game timer will

PAUSE: Stop during the game then return to the adventure.
EXAMINE: Examine unfamiliar objects you happen upon. Be sure
Alice is standing close to an object you with to
Movable Items: items such as food, bottle or cups will
usually be found on the ground or sitting on tables or
shelves. Examining the item before taking it will give
a detailed description.
Non-movable Items: Items such as posters may be found
on the ground, on tables or attached to walls.
Examining these items may provide valuable clues. But,
Alice is not allowed to take them.
Inventory: Displays what you are carrying.
Offer: Offer anything you are carrying to another character.
Cycle through your inventory and select.
Take: Position yourself very close to any item you would like
to take. If you can take the item, it will disappear from
the screen.
Drop: Drop an item, if you are carrying too much.
Use: Use various toos you may acquire. A list of the items can
be cycled through with your joystick. Select the item you
wish to use.
Note: One of them will act like a horizontal rope. In that
case, stand at the edge of a ramp facing out into open
space. Try to USE the rope-like tool. The tool will appear
if there is something it might connect to in the direction
you are facing. Walk or crawl out onto the rope.
Eat: Eat any of the edibles you are carrying.
Ask: Ask takes you into a submenu where you may choose one of 3
questions: Who are you?, may provide you w/ unexpected
info.; Where am I?, used if you're lost, but the
character's answer may be far from standard. Why are you
doing that?, is sometimes useful to ask the perpose for a
character's action or line of reasoning.
Coax: Try to get something from another character by flattering
or soothing.
Help: Offering to aid a character or actually doing so can be
Calm: Sometimes a character has to be relaxed before he or she
can help.
Sing: Cycle through your inventory of songs and select the song
you wish to sing.
Tease: Some characters need to be teased before they will give
you what you want.
Argue: Reasoning politely with a stuborn character may be
nessessary to get what you want.
Scold: You may need to point out a character's faults to bring
him or her to their senses.
Menu: Return to the main menu.
Renew: If you get stuck somewhere, RENEW will return you to a
familiaar location at the expense of losing a day's
time. If you get into an impossible situation, you may
have to use this option.
Sound: Turn sound off/on.
Time, Day: Many of your activities will be time-related and it
will be importantfor you to know the hour and day.


It is important to talk to the people of Wonderland to get clues. You
must decide whether a character is trying to help or trick you. Some-
times a character will tire of your persistance, and ask you to come
back later.
Riddles: If you ask a character a question, he or she may respond by
offering you a riddle. For example, the caterpillar may state:
It sits above the crown, though queens never wear it. It is a _ _ _
_ _ _. Type your answer in the blanks using the keyboard. Then press
the Return Key. If you answer the riddle correctly, the character
offers a clue that helps you in the adventure.
Songs: You acquire a song when a character sings it to you. Singing a
song may have a pleasent effect on a character.


The adventure continues for 65 games days. Days used are indicated in
the lower right corner of the Option menu. Twelve Wonderland hours
equals one game day. You may keep track of Wonderland hours by the
various clocks scattered throughout Wonderland.
You will also want to keep track of time because the characters may
not like the conversation and ask you to come back at a specific time
to continue.
Then again some characters appear only at certain times.
Finally, certain doorways work only at certain times.