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Suddenly Space is a dangerous place...

___ _ _ ______ __ __
/|| \ | | /\ /| |\ | | / __ \ | | | \
/ || |\ \ | | / / / | | \ | || / \ | | | ||\ \
/ || | \ \| |/ / / | | \ | || |++| | | | || \ \
/ /||| |_/ /| / / /|| | \| || |++| | | | || / /
/ /_||| / | \ / /_|| | |\ || \__/ | | | ||/ /
/ ___ || |\ \ | |\ \/ ___ | | | \ | \______/ | | | /
\ \ ||| | \ \|_| \ \ \ || |_| \_| | / | /
\_\ |/ \/ \/\_\ |/ |/

A Club 96 Release


Turn on the computer. Insert the diskette into drive 1 with the label
facing upwards. If the GS Operating System is already up, insert the
game disk into the drive. Click the mouse pointer twice on the
TAITO.ARKANOID icon when it appears. Next, click the pointer twice on
the ARKANOID icon. The game will now load. If you want to boot directly
from the Arkanoid disk, reset the computer and the game will start


This game is played with the Applemouse. When the title screen
appears, press 1 for a one player game; 2 for a two player game.
Pressing the mouse button automatically starts a one player game.

During game play:
Press ESC to pause the game; press any key to continue play.
Moving the mouse from left to right causes the Vaus to travel
in the corresponding direction. Press the mouse button to
release the energy ball or fire the laser.

Option Keys

Control + R Restarts the game
Control + Q Returns to the finder
Control + S Turns the sound on/off
Left Arrow Decreases Volume
RIght Arrow Increases Volume


The intergalactic carrier Arkanoid travels through the outer reaches of
the galaxy, carrying planet Earth's remaining human survivers. They
encounter DOH, a complex entity of incredible power. As the carrier
falls prey to his attack, the crew escapes in the "Vaus" and enter a
demention of living energy! The battle for freedom takes place over 33
levels of complex and intricate barriers. Will you survive the final
onslaught of DOH?

Move the Vaus left and right. Use you skills to deflect an energy ball
will gradually destroy the walls confronting you. Grey energy blocks
must be hit more than once; some energy blocks are indestructible.
Alien life forms randomly descend to hinder you. Eliminate them on
contact with an energy ball or the Vaus.

Destroy the energy blocks and release these capsules to help you win the game:

B (Pink) Advances you to the next level
C (Green) Catch the ball, move to a new position and fire
D (Lt Bl) Gives you three energy balls instead of one
E (Dk Bl) Expands the Vaus craft to twice normal size
L (Red) Arms you Vaus with a laserto destroy energy blocks
P (Grey) Awards you an extra Vaus
S (Orang) Energy balls temporarily slow down


The game screen displays current score, hi-score, number of remaining
Vaus, and current level. Between 50 and 120 points are awarded for
knocking out an energy block, depending on the color. 1,000 points are
awarded for collecting a capusle and 1,000 points for hitting an alien.
An extra Vaus is awarded at 20,000, 60,000, and 100,000 points. After
120,000 points, additional lives are awarded at intervals of 60,000


Use the keyboard to enter you initials. Press RETURN to return to the
title screen.


This game supports several stereo cardes, such as the SUPERSONIC from
MDIdeas. When this type of card is installed, Arkanoid provides rich
stereo sounds for you listening enjoyment.


o The dividing capsule is very usefull if your ball is caught behind
or enclosed within a wall.

o The laser is useful for breaking down energy block that require a
number of hits.

o Use the very edge of your Vaus to deflect the ball and give it a
sharper angle for maneuvering into restrictive places.

PS: If you are an excellent Graphix drawer and would like to get your pics on
the newest GS Releases please let a Club 96 Memebr know. Also, TAITO your
protection *WAS* the best for the GS so far but it is now TOAST!!!!!!!!