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AWACS Docs by Eldar The Wizard



Written By:Eldar The Wizard


Concept: The idea of the whole game is to succesfully destroy each
wave of enemy fighters and bombers.Those planes are: MIG-25's



Your planes are:



You are an AWAC plane. A plane which flies around the screen and
pinpoints the locations of enemy planes and relays them to missle
silos on the ground.The keys for movement are...


Planes are indictated on the screen by flying numbers. They range from
1-9. To identify which type of a plane a certain number is that is
flying on the screen, you hit that number on the keyboard. Example...
Say the number 3 was flying around on my screen.I hit the #3, and at
the bottom of the screen the name and blueprints of the plane will
appear.You can then decide whether to destroy it or leave it alone. To
destroy a plane (or number flying on the screen) you must currently
have that plane and its blueprints at the bottom of the screen.
Example..... Since I hit 3 (above), the blueprints of whatever 3 is
(let's a MIG) will appear at the bottom of the screen. I can then hit
the RETURN key and a missle will launch from the nearest U.S. missle
silo (indicated by the squares on the screen.) If I hit a number on my
keyboard, and that number is not currently visible on my screen, no
blueprints will appear and it will give the message NOT IDENTIFIED. A
word of advice. A number will not neccesarily be the same plane
throughout the entire game. Example... The #3 could fly on my screen,
and I could identify it as a MIG. Before I have time to blast it,
however, it flies off. 10 seconds later the same number (3) could fly
on again, but it might just be a U.S. plane. It's a good idea to check
before you blast.

Fuel: The fuel indicator will get lower and lower as the game goes on.
If you run out of fuel before you wipe out the enemy, the game is
over.You do have 1 chance per wave of replenishing your fuel supply.
If your fuel supply is running low, you can hit the T key. A funny
little beep will sound, but other than that, that's all that happens.
What has really happened is that one of your bases has dispatched a
fuel plane, which is a KC 707. Don't blow this up if you see it! You
only have one!! Once you hit "T", the KC 707 will automatically fly
up to you (it will also be using a number) dock with you,and return
home. You can only do this once per wave, so use it wisely. Another
feature is the PANIC button. On the right side of the screen is the
word PANIC written vertically.Along with the word will be either 1 or
more warheads. If things ever get too crowded, and too many enemy
planes are flying towards you, you can hit the "/" key.This will alert
all bases currently on the screen to help out, and they will destroy
every enemy plane on the screen. Each time you hit the "/" key, one
warhead disappears from the side of the screen. Again,you only get one
per turn. But..unlike the fuel plane,if you don't use the panic
button, you get to keep the warhead you didn't use, and get an extra
warhead for completing the wave. Also...don't hit the "B" key. I don't
know what the hell this is, but whenever I hit it, it drops me into
the monitor. After a wave is completed, you recieve bonus points for
however many bases are still up (the enemy planes like to drop bombs
on your bases, that's why your destroying them). After all the bonus
points have been tallied, your fuel tank will be filled, you will
recieve and extra PANIC warhead, and a flashing READY will appear on
the screen. Hit return, and the game will proceed with the next wave
of enemy planes.