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Bard's Tale 2 Docs

Bard Tales 2 :

Moving about :
I or return - move forward
J or left arrow - turn left
K or return - kick a door open
L or right arrow - turn right

Viewing characters :
Press the number (0-6) of the character whose statistics you want to view.
To make changes,

E to equip a character with an item. At the prompt type item number (1-8),
press 0 to unequip a character.
T to trade an item. Type the item number at the prompt. To trade gold,
type G, the amount of gold you want to trade, and the number of character
you want to give the item to.
D to drop an item.
P to pool all gold to one character.

Left arrow key moves you back to the first view character screen,
which lists gold, xp and attributes. Press spacebar to leave the view
character mode.

Combat commands :
A to attack all monsters within 10', using hand-to-hand weapons.
(Available to party members in slots 0 through 3)
B to sing one of seven bard tunes for one combat round, bard only.
C to cast a spell.
D to defend, lessen the chance of damage from an attacker.
H to hide in the shadows, for rogue only.
P to party attack, begins intra-party combat.
U to use a magical item, or a missile weapon.

Right arrow speeds up combat message, left arrow slows it down.

Non-combat commands :
B to sing one of seven bard's tunes while wandering.
C to cast a spell.
D to drop a special member from your party.
E to go up a portal. Must use in conjunction with a levitation spell.
Dungeon only.
N to establish new order for the party members.
U to use an item; e.g. torch.
V to turn sound on/off.
W to go down a portal. Dungeon only.
? to learn the name of the street your party is on, and the time of day.

Use escape key to pause the game, and spacebar to continue.

Bard Songs
1. The archer's tune. Double the party's missile damage, and cuts
the missile damage inflicted by foes in half.
2. Spellsong. Bonus to saving roll. The party is less likely to be
damaged by magic and traps.
3. Sanctuary score. Lowers the armor class for all party members.
4. The melee march. Increases the party's hit points for extra protection
and also increase the damage points inflicted on enemies.
5. Zanduvar Carack. Protection from traps when played under normal
conditions, but heals during combat.
6. Rhyme of duotime. Regenerates spell points at twice the normal
speed when played under normal conditions, and provides extra
attack during combat.
7. The watchwood melody. Creates light. May work even in anti-magic

Conjurer Spells
Level 1 : MAFL (2), ARFI (3), TRZP (2)
MAFL, magic flame
- a light spell with medium duration.
ARFI, arc fire
- inflicts 1-4 damage at a foe 10' away, multiplied by caster's level.
TRZP, trap zap
- disarms any trap within 30' in the direction the caster is facing.
Also works on chest.

Level 2 : FRFO (3), MACO (3), WOHL (4)
FRFO, freeze foe
- binds a group of enemies in magical force, slow them down and make
them easier to hit.
MACO, Kiel's magic compass
- a magical compass which shows the facing direction, medium duration.
WOHL, word of healing
- heal a party member who suffers from 4 to 16 hp damage.

Level 3 : LERE (5), LEVI (4), WAST (5)
LERE, lesser revelation
- an extended mage flame spell that reveals secret doors, long duration.
LEVI, levitation
- allow the party to float over traps, or up or down thru portals.
WAST, warstrike
- energy that sizzles a group of foes within 20', for 5-20 damage.

Level 4 : INWO (6), FLRE (6)
INWO, Elik's instant wolf
- summon a fierce wolf to join your party.
FLRE, flesh restore
- heal 10-40 hp for a member, also heal insanity or poisoning.

Level 5 : GRRE (7), SHSP (7)
GRRE, greater revelation
- like LERE, but illuminates a wider area, long duration.
SHSP, shock sphere
- large globe of energy that inflicts 10-40 damage on a group of foe
within 30'.

Level 6 : INOG (9), MALE (8)
INOG, Elik's instant ogre
- summon an ogre.
MALE, major levitation
- Levitation spell with indefinite duration until dispelled.

Level 7 : FLAN (12), APAR (15), FAFO (18), INSL (12)
FLAN, flesh anew
- like FLRE, affects every member of the party.
APAR, apport arcane
- teleports the party within a dungeon to any location that is not
protection by a teleportation shield. Also teleports the party
between cities that are in the range of +1 to 6.
FAFO, far foe
- moves a group of foes 40 feet further away from the party.
INSL, Elik's instant slayer
- summon a slayer.

Magician spells
Level 1 : VOPL (3), QUFI (3), SCSI (2)
VOPL, vorpal plating
- causes the weapon or hands of a party member to inflict 2 to 8 points
of additional damage.
QUFI, quick fix
- heals a char for exactly 8 hp.
SCSI, scry site
- reveal a party's location

Level 2 : HOWA (4), MAGA (5), AREN (5)
HOWA, holy water
- inflict 6-24 hp damage to an evil or supernatural foe, within 10'.
MAGA, mage gauntlets
- add 4-16 points of additional damage to a party member.
AREN, area enchant
- causes the dungeon wall within 30' of a stairway to call out
if the party is headed towards the stairs.

Level 3 : MYSH (6), OGST (6), STFL (6)
MYSH, Ybarra's mystic shield
- lowers the party AC, medium duration
OGST, Oscon's ogre strength
- endows a member with the strength of Elik's ogre for the duration of
the battle.
STFL, star flare
- inflicts 10-40 damage to a group of foes, within 40'.

Level 4 : SPTO (8), DRBR (7)
SPTO, spectre touch
- drains a single foe of 15-60 hp, within 70'.
DRBR, dragon breath
- inflicts 11-44 hp on a group of foe within 30'.

Level 5 : ANMA (8), STTO (8)
ANMA, anti-magic
- absorb spells or magical fire casted by monster. Also help in
disbelieving illusions.
STTO, stone touch
- turns an enemy within 10' to stone.

Level 6 : PHDO (9), YMCA (10)
PHDO, phase door
- turns almost any wall to air for exactly one move.
YMCA, Ybarra's mystical coat of armor
- MYSH spell that lasts indefinitely.

Level 7 : REST (12), DEST (14), WZWA (11), SASP (30)
REST, restoration
- heal the party completely, also cures insanity or poisoning.
DEST, death strike
- very likely to kill one enemy within 10'.
WZWA, wizard wall
- create a wall of force that can absorbs many of the enemy's attacks.
SASP, safety spell
- teleports party back to adventurer's guild in Tangramayne. Party
lose all gold and the spell is not 100% reliable.

Sorcerer Spells
Level 1 : MIJA (3), PHBL (2), LOTR (2)
MIJA, Mangar's mind jab
- blast a foe within 40' for 2-8 point of damage, multiplied by caster's
PHBL, phase blur
- lower party AC, combat only.
LOTR, locate traps
- heightens the spellcaster's awareness in order to detect traps
within 30' along the direction the spellcaster is facing, short duration.

Level 2 : DISB (4), WIWA (5), FEAR (4)
DISB, disbelieve
- reveal the nature of attacking illusion and cause it to vanish.
WIWA, wind warrior
- create an illusion of a battle-ready ninja.
FEAR, word of feat
- cause a group of foes to quake in fear, reducing their ability to attack
and inflict damage.

Level 3 : WIOG (6), INVI (6), SESI (6)
WIOG, wind ogre
- create an illusion of an ogre.
INVI, Kylearan's invisibility spell
- make the party almost invisible and hence lowers their AC.
SESI, second sight
- detect all manner of traps and tricks that lie 30' directly ahead.

Level 4 : CAEY (7), WIDR (12)
CAEY, cat eyes
- endows the party with perfect night vission indefinitely.
WIDR, wind dragon
- create an illusion of a dragon.

Level 5 : DIIL (8), MIBL (10)
DIIL, disrupt illusion
- destroy existing illusionary foes and prevent new illusions from
appearing. Also exposes dopplegangers within the party.
MIBL, mangar's mind blade
- strike all enemies within 30' for 25-100 damage.

Level 6 : WIGI (13), SOSI (11)
WIGI, wind giant
- create an illusion of a giant.
SOSI, sorcerer sight
- a second sight spell that lasts indefinitely.

Level 7 : WIMA (14), WIHE (16), MAGM (40), ???? (100)
WIMA, wind mage
- create an illusion of an archmage.
WIHE, wind hero
- create an illusion of a hero.
MAGM, mage maelstrom
- attack a group within 90' with one of the following effect :
60-240 damage, turn them to stone, or kill them outright.
A disbelieving monster can totally disarm it, though.
????, dream spell
- the most powerful spell in the game which you need to find out yourself.

Wizard Spells
Level 1 : SUEL (10), FOFO (11)
SUEL, summon elemental
- summon a fire-breathing raw elementals of the universe.
FOFO, Fanskar's force focus
- inflicts 25-100 damage on a group within 10'.

Level 2 : GATE (12), DEBA (11)
GATE, gate
- gate in a wraith to fight for your party
DEBA, demon bane
- inflicts 100-400 damage on an evil or supernatural foe within 30'.

Level 3 : FLCO (14), DISP (12)
FLCO, flame column
- Inflicts 22-88 damage on a group of foes within 30'.
DISP, dispossess
- returns a possessed member to normal state.

Level 4 : PRSU (15), ANDE (14)
PRSU, prime summoning
- summon a powerful undead creature.
ANDE, animate dead
- reanimates a dead character with living strength as if truly alive,
combat only.

Level 5 : SPBI (16), SOWH (13)
SPBI, Baylor's spell bind
- possess the mind of an enemy and force him to fight for party.
SOWH, Storal's soul whip
- inflict 50-200 damage on a single foe at 70' away.

Level 6 : GRSU (22), BEDE (18)
GRSU, greater summoning
- summon a powerful elemental creature
BEDE, beyond death
- restore life and 1 hp to a dead member.

Level 7 : WIZW (16), HERB (25)
WIZW, Wacum's wizard war
- inflicts 50-200 damage on a group of foe within 50'.
HERB, summon Herb
- summon Herb.

Archmage Spells
Level 1 : HAFO (15), MEME (20)
HAFO, Oscon's halt foe
- if successful, all enemies will do nothing during the next round.
MEME, melee men
- pulls an attack group into melee (10') range.

Level 2 : BASP (28)
BASP, batch spell
- performs the following multiple spells : greater revelation,
Ybarra's mystical coat of armor, sorcerer sight, major levitation,
and Kiel's magic compass.

Level 3 : CAMR (26)
CAMR, camaraderie
- 50% chance of calming any or all monsters in your party that have
turned hostile.

Level 4 : NILA (30)
NILA, Fanskar's night lance
- inflicts 100-400 damage to a group of foe within 60'.

Level 5 : HEAL (50)
HEAL, heal all
- resurrects every dead member and heals all wounds, paralysis and

Level 6 : BRKR (60)
BRKR, the Brothers Kringle
- summon enough brothers to fill all the empty slots in the party.

Level 7 : MAMA (80)
MAMA, Mangar's mallet
- inflicts 200-800 damage to all foes.