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Beyond Castle Wolfenstein
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Finally, "Beyond Castle Wolfenstein." Worth the wait?


Movement (keyboard):

Q -> north-west W -> north E -> north-east
A -> west S -> STOP D -> east
Z -> south-west X -> south C -> south-east

Gun Movement (keyboard):

I -> north-west O -> north P -> north-west
K -> west L -> fire one round + -> east
, -> south-west . -> south / -> south-east

Wepons/Arsenal Command:

: -> switches between dagger* and gun
B -> drops and picks up the bomb*
R -> resets the bomb timer if you have tool kit*.
(bomb must be dropped first)
H -> put away gun


(RETURN) -> displays inventory
(SPACE) -> searches a guard (NOTE: anything found on the guard,
if needed, will automaticly be taken)
F -> uses first aid kit* (if wounded)
M -> bribes guard (costs 15 marks)
ESC -> saves game
U -> use object in closet

A '*" indicates that this item must be found


Game Notes

The object of "Beyond Castle Wolfenstein", is to find Hitler, drop a
bomb in the room where he his, and run like hell back the room where
you started. Hitler will always be on the lowest level of the

Instead of chests, we now have closets. To open a closet, point your
gun at it, and press the space bar. If it is locked, you must do the

Point gun at lock

Press buttons 1-0, until you here a click

Start back at button 1, press it, if it does not click, go back to the
original button and press it till it clicks. Then try the next button
until you find the other "clicker".

Repeat this process a third time and when you find the correct three
digit combo, it will open. You can, of course, shoot the lock off,
but that may attract unwanted attention, and is a wast of bullets.

You can get up to five passes. Each pass is different. You can see
which passes you have by looking at the side of your screen and
noticing how many inverse numbers there are. One of the five passes
will randomnly work on each level, but you never know which, so you
have to test them out. If you show a guard a pass, and you don't
produce the correct one he will draw his gun and ask again, if you
still don't get it right, he will shoot, or go after you.

There are two types of guards:
The kind that walk around and patrol the area.

2. The kind that sit behind desks.

If a guard hears a shot, see's a dead body, or see's you with a drawn
weapon he will probably head towards the nearest alarm. Alarm's look
like little holes. When a guard reaches one, he will set it off, thus
alerting the whole place of your prescence (i.e. everyone will know
who you are). There is only one way of resetting the alarm, if you
find in a closet, the alarm controls, hit '1' to reset them (i.e. turn

The guards at desks are not to be reckoned with, it always takes more
then one shot to kill them, so they will time to set off the alarm
behind the desk. It is best just to bribe them or show your id.

There are two ways of getting to different levels:
Find a secret passage way behind a closet.

Enter an elevator.

An elevator is a boxed off room with one of the sides slowly opening
and closing. You can see which way the elevator is going by looking
at the upper right-hand portion of the room and seeing which way the
arrow is pointing.

When reseting the bomb, always make sure there are no guards around,
or they will go after you. The bomb timer automaticly starts when
picked up, and is displayed at the top of the screen.

To use the dagger, you must first select it, then sneak up behind a
guard and run into him. This is the ONLY way the dagger will work, do
not attempt head-on attacks. The dagger is useful when not wanting to
alert other guards of your presence, but want to do-in another guard.

After killing a guard, you can drag his body by moving next to it,
pointing the gun at it, and hitting the space (and moving in a
direction of course).

You can have a maximum of five passes, 100 marks and 10 bullets, and
three of the following: bomb, first-aid kit, dagger.