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Bilestoad Help File by Moose

Bilestoad Help File :		by Moose


Bilestoad for the Apple ][ / + / e.

I have tested this game on Apple Win and it works fine, except
for the sound.

Unfortunately, the sound is not as good as the original Apple ]['s.
This is the case (at least) on my "El cheapo" 8 bit mono Orchid Sound
Producer sound card. The PC Speaker is far worse, and it sounds
like a "duck farting under water" !!

This is the only game that Apple Win has not done justice to, IMHO.

The game is a top down view of a huge arena where 2 gladiators fight.

The game involves you controlling :
- a human controlled gladiator against a computer controlled gladiator, or,
- a human controlled gladiator against another human controlled gladiator.

The controls are :

Player 1 Player 2 Description :

Q W E I O P Swing axe outwards / stop / inwards
Z X C , . / Bring shield outwards / stop / inwards
A S D K L ; Turn whole body anti-clockwise / stop / clockwise
Left ALT Right ALT Walk forwards

If you chop the arm regions of the other gladiator enough, you can cut their
sword arm off or shield arm off completely, effectively rendering them
defenceless / attackless.

Hitting your opponents body with an axe will quickly kill them.

So, go for the arms first, so you score more points, and have more
fun !! ;-)

Starting the game :

Enter a name for a robot (such as your own name) to get a "human"
controlled robot. Otherwise press enter for a Computer Controlled

As you play the game, keep note of your "class" codes. I think that
these are in effect the level. If you are a good / successful fighter
then the matches will get harder to keep up the chalenge.

In Game Objects :

Scattered around the "arena" are various round objects with pictures inside
Stars Teleport to another disk in the same arena
Yin / Yang Is a special hovering disk. When you stand on it, it
lets you move much faster and gain a big advantage
over your opponent.
Faces These are "next level" teleports.
If you step on one of these you are effectively
"throwing in the towel" for this level, and your opponent
gains a big points score (5,000 points) as a result.
Computer players don't seem to get a penalty for quitting !

Screen Maps, etc :

The Maps on the right hand side of the screen show the current playing
arena in high, medium, and low ZOOM magnifications.

At the end of say 10 rounds or so, the winner is the gladiator with
the highest score.

Bilestoad for the MAC / PC :

The man who wrote the original Bilestoad is now developing a new
version for the Macintosh and hopefully the PC. It features
incredible graphics and looks fantastic so far !

Check out the Bilestoad Home Page for full information, screen shots,
details, etc :

Bilestoad is a classic Apple ][ game !

It looks set to become a classic PC / MAC game in the future.

October 23, 1995.