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Captain Goodnight Dox/Help by Wizard //e

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[]                      CAPTAIN GOODNIGHT DOX/HELP                          []
[]                           >>> CREDITS <<<                                []
[]                    Released by: Black Bag/Six Pack                       []
[]                    Cracked by : Hot Rod of Black Bag                     []
[]                                 Sandman of Six Pack                      []
[]                    Docs by:     Wizard //e (unaffiliated)                []
[]                    Testing:     Wizard //e (     "      )                []
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In the ages of nuclear blackmail, the devious Dr. Maybe has built and activated
an atomic device somewhere on a remote island known only as "Doom Island."  He
has demanded $200 million to be delivered to him or he will set off the device
and destroy the world. Furthermore, he has given the F.O.G. (Forces Of Good)
only 24 hours to deliver the money. Of course, the F.O.G. does not want to pay
him this absurd sum, so they have enlisted the help of you, Captain Goodnight,
the defender of good. Only you can safely reach Doom Island and deactivate the
Doomsday Device in the short time of 24 hours. If you fail, then the world will
surely be destroyed.

The game action is controlled by the joystick. Your joystick must have 2
buttons, or on the //c or //e you may use the open-apple and closed-apple keys
for joystick buttons. On the //c, the keyboard switch must be in the up position
for the game to function. Basically, moving your joystick either right or left
will cause your figure (or a vehicle if you are riding in one) to move in that
direction. Pulling your joystick down will cause your action figure to kneel
down. This is also useful to get him out of crouch mode if he has been hit and
to control the movement of elevators. Pushing your joystick up will cause your
figure to stand up from kneeling. It is also used to control vehicles that have
verticle movement (ie: elevators, helicopter, airplanes).

The joystick buttons are used to control entering vehicles as well as firing. To
enter a vehicle, merely hold down joystick button #1 (or the closed apple key)
as you run by it. To fire your gun or the gun of any vehicle which has one,
press joystick button #0 (open apple key).

The following keys also are used in the game:

   ESCAPE: Pushing this will pause the game. While the game is paused, the
           screen will flash to remind you that a game is going on.
   Ctrl-R: Pushing this will restart the game completely.
   Ctrl-S: Toggles sound on and off.

Your Opponents:
This is a list of the opponents you will meet during the game and a description
and method of either avoiding of beating them.

1. Air to Air missles: Fired from the enemy aircraft, all you have to do is
   avoid these.

2. Aircraft: These will fly across the screen. Again all you must do is avoid
   crashing into them.

3. Heat seeking missles: These are long white missles that fly across the
   screen. You must take out all the radar installations to avoid the first one
   (which can move vertically up and down and almost always gets you). However,
   after you have been hit by one of these, the rest will not move vertically to
   follow you, and may be easily avoided.

4. Rockets: These fly straight up vertically. The best way to avoid these is
   either to fly high or low so that you can fly over or under them.

5. Normal Robots: These robots will fire a laser cannon at you that will level
   you if it hits you. Kneel down and pump off 2 or 3 shots to kill these slimy

6. Ballons: Found in most of the land adventure phases, you must make sure that
   you are not standing still (ie: kneeling down to shoot) when these fly across
   the top of the screen. You can not shoot up, so you can not kill these.
   Avoidance is the best cure. The ones in lower levels fire a vertical laser,
   while those in higher levels drop explosives on you.

7. Mines: Found in the sub phase, these will kill you if you are stupid enough
   to crash into them.

8. Killer Robots: More effective than the normal robots, these robots throw
   grenades at you from a distance. The best way to kill them is to get inside
   their throw (so that they are throwing the grenades over your head) and shoot
   them two or three times.

9. Bombers: Found in the boat phase, these will try to bomb your boat, if a bomb
   hits you, you're dead (duh..).

A. Eliminator Robots: These robots will spin around and when they see you they
   will laser you down. You can not kneel down to avoid their fire, so your best
   bet is to get them on screen (in range of your gun) shoot, then retreat, then
   do that again. Two shots will usually kill these fiends off.

B. Nightstalker Robots: These robots appear to be distant cousins of the Killer
   Robots. They, too, throw grenades although with a twist. A grenade thrown by
   a Nightstalker Robot will bounce several times before it explodes. You will
   not be able to get inside the firing pattern of these 'bots before you are
   killed, so use the same method described above for the eliminator robots.
   (Fire, Retreat, Fire, Retreat) These robots can not move and are usually
   killed by two shots.

C. Thermo Berserkers: These are the militia of Doom Island. They will attack you
   in squadrons of five each. When you see these guys, kneel down to avoid their
   fatal fire and start shooting. It takes 2 shots to kill each of these. If you
   are killed by one, you can look forward to being killed again. The squads are
   made so that if you are killed by the leader, you will stay down just long
   enough to get stomped "doormatted" by the last one.

Scoring is based on time left. You start the game with 24 hours, and that time
is reduced by travel time and death. Every time you die, it takes about 1 hour
off your remaining time. When time left reaches 18 seconds, the game is over and
you are treated to a display of the world blowing up.

[]                                                                          []
[]   More advanced help, or "Wizard //e's Method"                           []
[]                                                                          []
[]   This will be a look at a typical game played by me, Wizard //e         []
[]   So, if you wish to try out the game first on your own, stop reading    []
[]                                                                          []

Boot up the game, and press space bar. As soon as you see the helicopter start
coming down, press your joystick button. Skip forward. Now you are on the
ground. Run to the right, this will allow you to skip the breifing and save a
little bit of time (note: if you have never read the breifing, you might want to
take some time and read's not helpful but it gives you a little more
background). As you near your airplane, press and hold button #1 down. When you
reach the airplane you will begin climbing in without having to run back and
forth. Take off by pushing the joystick to the right. After a couple of seconds
of flying, you will enter...

Part I: A strangely familiar territory...
In this scenario, you are in the aircraft. Your mission for the moment is to fly
across several hundred miles of enemy territory and parachute into the Arran
Desert. Your airplane has two speeds, by pushing the joystick to the right, you
will be at the faster speed. I suggest doing this, since time is the key to this
game. Now, the tricky part is getting past this scenario without dying. The only
way that I have found is to fly at the fast speed across the terrain at a very
low altitude. Now, every time you see a radar dish, you must bomb it (by
pressing button#0). You must bomb four dishes on the first land area
(#1,2,4,5-for some reason #3 does not trigger a launch, but I usually take it
out as a precaution.) Once you enter the "Portia Inlet" (you will start seeing
ships), you can go up, but I would not suggest it since you should be low to
begin your attack on the dishes on the second land mass. Generally, you can
ignore everything on the land except the radar and the anti-aircraft batteries.
None of the enemy tanks will try to fire on you. After you take out the two
radar dishes on the second land mass, just avoid the rest of the fire from the
air obstacles, and you should be ejected quickly. At this point, you will have a
reminder of your time which should be between 22 and 23 hours (compared to 21
for alternate methods...and, yes 1 hour makes a difference). Now, you will
descend into...

Part II: The Arran Desert:
As soon as you are down, head towards the right side of the screen. Very soon,
you should see the balloon above you and the first robot in front of you. This
is a normal robot, so if the balloon is not to close, you can kneel down and
take him out. If the balloon is almost over you, you will have to take him out
by shooting, turning and running, then shooting again. From here, you must
proceed to the right, taking out all the robots that will attack you. You can
ignore the truck, because it's door is locked. Continue to the jeep. When you
approach this just press your button#1 and you will automatically enter the
jeep. Continue your journey. You will have to kill at least one more robot
before you finish. When you see the robot, just hit button #1 to exit the jeep,
kneel down, take him out, and get back in your jeep. Eventually, your jeep's
engine will die. Exit the jeep. You must kill one more robot, then you can enter
the submarine (found in the middle of the dock--labled "G7") Once in the sub,
you will be asked for a code, look that up on the enclosed chart (end of docs)
and you will be ready for...

Part III: Sub:
As soon as you have entered the sub, pull the joystick to the lower right
corner. This will set you on the correct course to avoid the first mine. Once
you have reached 120 out and 120 down, you can pull the joystick up so that you
will rise. When your depth is about 50 stay at that depth. You must go over the
second mine by moving the sub up when it gets close. Once you have avoided the
second mine, keep your sub under water until you have passed a small ship. The
surface and continue until you dock. The dock will be at the 700 mile point.
IMPORTANT: Be on the surface when docking or you can crash your sub into the
rocks. Now, you are ready for...

Part IV: Odom Island
Continue your journey. Ignore the first tank, it's locked. Ignore the first
jeep, it's broken. (Tough luck, eh?) Kill the grenade thrower killer robot by
using the method described above. You will have to kill many of these, so get
used to the method. Watch that thing above you. When you get to the truck, enter
it by holding down button#1. Drive that truck at max speed. When you see the
fence, don't stop.. Ram into it at full speed so that it breaks the fence. (and
the truck) Get out of the truck and run towards the tram station. Now, sit
around and wait for the tram to come along. When it gets there, jump in and ride
up the mountain. WARNING: If you fire your gun at this point, you will loose an
hour of time. At the top, get out of the tram and run towards the right. You
will see a transporter booth, you must enter this by the same method used to
enter the other vehicles. When you arrive at the new destination, you will see
some vehicles and a killer robot. Kill him. Keep going (and killing the robots).
Eventually you will reach a jeep. Jump in and drive past the next robot, it will
fire, but won't be able to hit you. Leave the jeep and run to the boat. Now the
fun begins...

Part V: Boats...
Now you must drive your boat at full speed towards the next island. As you go
along, several airplanes will fly across and try to bomb you. Now, if you get
hit by these bombs, you will be sunk, so try to miss them. The general method is
to notice the height of the planes and to avoid the bombs according to the
following method:

Airplane Height:         What to do:
----------------         -----------
High                     Keep going
Medium                   If position is to the right, then stop, if position is
                         to the left, then keep going.
Low                      Stop

As you practice, you will gain the ability to judge when to stop and go. The
lenghth of the course is ten clicks. (A click is one of the white markers in the
bay.) Assuming you aren't dead yet, then...

Part VI: Modo Island
Now, you will meet the deadly "Eliminator Robots". You must kill all of these
that you meet (see above) until you reach the tank. Enter the tank, you will be
impenetrable. No bombs will be able to damage you as long as you move and the
robots will not hurt you. Once your treads jam, exit the tank and head for the
helicopter. Jump in and go straight up. (This is to avoid the laser fire). Once
you reach the top of the screen, head towards the right. After passing the laser
battery, swoop down and take out the radar dish to disable the killer
satellites. Avoid the next laser and then bring the helicopter down. Do not hit
the barrel with your helicopter or you will be destroyed. Shoot the eliminator
robot with the helicopter on your way down. Land and leave the helicopter. Run
to the right (don't worry, the barrel can only hurt you if you are in the
helicopter). Shoot all the eliminator robots and enter the jeep. Drive to the
right until you reach the control tower. Once you are there, jump out of the
jeep and run to the right, you will have to kill the eliminator robot there.
Once it's dead get back in your jeep and continue driving. When the engine dies,
exit the jeep and look for the airplane that has a propeller on top and an open
door. Enter this airplane and take off. Once in the air, you will receive a
color-numeral combination. This is the disarm sequence. Write it down or
remember it. Fly across the ocean and land on....

Part VII: Doom Island (The Final Part)
Once again you must avoid the balloons that will try to blow you up, but in
addition, you must kill the Nightstalker Robots and the Berserkers (see above).
Continue running along, keeping a wary watch for Night- stalker robots and
Berserkers. When you reach Elevator #1, enter it and pull down to go down. Go to
the third floor. Exit and run across this floor (you'll have to kill more
berserkers, of course). Take the elevator up to Elevator #2. Leave the elevator
and head across land (killing more berserkers, ugh!) Enter Elevator#3 and go
down to the bottom floor. Now, the only thing that stands between you and the
Doomsday Machine are a couple of berserkers. Bury these guys and disarm the
machine by using the code that was given to you earlier. Cross-reference it on
the charts to find the on-off sequence. Push the switches up for off, and down
for on. Finally, push the button. You will have several seconds to escape the
island. There is only one way to successfully escape and that is to head to the
right, kill off the berserkers and enter the escape module.....

If you have just done this, Congradulations, you have destroyed Doom Island, and
saved the world!!!!


Decoder Charts:

Cross reference the number and color to find the letter to activate the sub or
find the de-activation sequence.

         1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8
BLUE     E G C D L J F M
GRAY     C D A F N B H J
RED      I D B H M L J G

Read the code letter from the above table, and using it, read the deactivation
sequence from the following chart

------     --------   --------   --------   --------
  A          OFF         OFF        OFF        ON
  B          OFF         OFF        ON         OFF
  C          OFF         OFF        ON         ON
  D          OFF         ON         OFF        OFF
  E          OFF         ON         OFF        ON
  F          OFF         ON         ON         OFF
  G          OFF         ON         ON         ON
  H          ON          OFF        OFF        OFF
  I          ON          OFF        OFF        ON
  J          ON          OFF        ON         OFF
  K          ON          OFF        ON         ON
  L          ON          ON         OFF        OFF
  M          ON          ON         OFF        ON
  N          ON          ON         ON         OFF
  O          ON          ON         ON         ON


Pressing the non-fire button on the stick while walking past the cockpit
lets the Captain board the jet. (You must be walking, he won't stop and
enter the jet if you are running.)

Using the AppleWin emulator and a PC joystick with the emu control panel
"Joystick" setting set to "PC Joystick", you get a setup similar to the
Apple. (You get to AppleWin's control panel by clicking the
joystick/speaker symbol button just below the magnifying glass.)

The left Alt key= Open-Apple key= the stick's Fire button.
The right Alt key= Close-Apple key= the stick's 'Button 1'.

If you walk past the cockpit and press the right Alt key, the Captain 
will get into the jet.
If you change the "Joystick" setting to "Keyboard (standard)" or
"Keyboard (centering)" you can use the keyboard numeric keypad as 
a joystick substitute with the Alt keys working as buttons.

With "Keyboard (centering)", the simulated joystick automatically
returns to center if a keypad key is not being pressed.
Some other emulator may have a different way to set up your 
joystick and/or keyboard.