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Crossword Magic 3.0 Documentation


1) Create a puzzle
   Press (1) and select automatic puzzle sizing or choose the
desired puzzle si
ze from 3 to 20 boxes.  Simply type in a word and press the
RETURN key.  Crosswo
rd magic will automatically interconnect and enter your word on
the puzzle grid.
  Holding down t

he CTRL key and hitting the letter R will (R)elocate your word
to another locat
ion on the puzzle.  If your word doesn't fit, it becomes and
unused word and is
stored away for possible future use.  Inverse lettering is used
to identify the
most recent entr

y into the puzzle.  Entering a CTRL-X will remove ALL words in
inverse letterin
g.  When ready, enter a clue for each woed.  Clues may be 98
characters long (3
lines).  Pressing the ESC key will display the various options
needed to create
a puzzle.

2)  Print a puzzle
    Insert your storage disk containing the puzzle to be printed
and press (2).
  After making your selection, your puzzle will be displayed.
If you want that
puzzle to be printed, your choice of printers will be dislplayed
on the screen.
 Choose one, the

n select the appropirate interface card.  When done, press
return to print the

3)  Transfer a puzzle
    Insert storage disk with puzzle to transfer and select
option (3).  It will
 be read in and displayed.  Insert your destination disk and
press any key.

4)  Delete a puzzle
    Insert disk with puzzle to delete and select option (4).
Remember, DON'T d
elete ANY files on the Probe's disk!!!

5)  Complete a puzzle
    Insert disk containing puzzle containing your INCOMPLETE
puzzle and select
option (5).  All incomplete puzzles have an "INC" suffix after
the puzzle name.
 After making your selection, you may continue to create and
save your incomplet
e (or completed)


6)  Edit a puzzle
    Insert disk and select option (6).  After selecting the
appropriate puzzle,
 you may add more words to the puzzle, retype clues, or rename
the puzzle.

7)  Exit
    Allows you to reboot the Apple without turning off the
power.  To reboot, p
ress (7), then the ESC key.


1)  Play a puzzle
    Insert disk with puzzle and select option (1). Select puzzle
in the normal
way.  Commands:

    Space:Changes direction (across/down);
    Arrow keys:Left, Right, Up, & Down;
    Letters:Enter letter typed at cursor position
    Numbers:Erase letter at current cursor position.
    ESC: Display options

2) Make Storage
   This will init a storage disk for your own puzzles.  Follow
instruxtions on
the screen.

3)  Exit program
    Same as (7) above.


* Enter the larger words first, then use small words to fill in
the puzzle.
* You can have up to 500 Unused words.  When you save a puzzle,
you also save
  the unused words.
* If you want to use numbers in a puzzle, assign a letter for
each number (i.e.
  A=1, B=2, ... I=9, J=0).
* Incomplete puzzle can't be played or printed.
* When in doubt, press the ESC key!
* Sound can be turned on/off by pressing CTRL-S.
* Pressing CTRL-B will toggle the boxes and blackouts
surrounding the puzzle.