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Media Type5.25 Inch Floppy Disk
Published Year
Software StatusAbandonware
HDD Installable
Other Notes

Escape From Rungistan

You should see an Apple ][+ here. Try installing Java.
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* If a disk fails to load or you get a startup error, try deleting your Internet Explorer cache to fix the problem. Go to the Tools->Internet Options->Delete Files menu and click on OK to delete your cache. Then refresh the page to reload the disk.
* If your keys don't work for older Apple II disks, try enabling CAPS-LOCK.
* on the Mac, make sure the FN keys are set to standard in System Preferences
Emulator notes:
* Click on the Emulator window to give it focus
* Press F3 to change the floppy disk in Drive 1
* Press F4 to change the floppy disk in Drive 2
* Joystick support is enabled by default using a real joystick
* Press CTRL-HOME to reboot the emulator (CTRL-FN-HOME on the Mac)