ActiveGS Plugin for Firefox Updated -- Ver. 2.3.0

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ActiveGS Plugin for Firefox Updated -- Ver. 2.3.0

Postby billm » Fri May 08, 2009 5:43 am

The latest version of the ActiveGS plugin for Firefox, which is used by the Apple II gs section of this site, has been updated. Unfortunately, the update has not been signed yet so it must be installed manually. To do so, click on the following link

This update includes the following updates, changes, and fixes:

# Fixed image loading if there were some trailing space(s) in the name
# Fixed Stack Overflow in case of too long image names
# New disk interface to better control the emulator while running
# Windows key are only captured when the emulator has the focus : those keys are now available to the other apps!
# New XML configuration file support for both the browser plugins and the standalone application
# Parameters added to plugin : XMLConfig to specify a configuration file
# Fixed Status/Disk window clipping
# Fix refresh issue with firefox : no more blue screen when hitting refresh
# Improved stability!

The other portions of this update including the standalone version of the emulator and the pre-configured XML / disk image files will be available on the site next week.
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