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FAQ for Virtual Apple.org

Postby billm » Thu Jan 31, 2008 9:58 pm

Virtual Apple ][
Frequently Asked Questions
1.1b April 2009

Q) I am running a program and it is asking for me to change disks. What do I do.

1) On the ActiveGS emulator, there is a button for the particular disk that is required. Click on the button for the requested disk
2) On the AppleIIGo Emulator, there is a Change Disk button for Drive 1 or Drive 2 where required. Click on the appropriate Change Disk Button.

Q) I am running the Apple ][ AppleIIGo emulator and the emulator screen is staying black after several minutes

A) Click on the emulator screen. The program should appear working in the emulator at this point. If it does not appear, please report the issue to us on the support BBS and we will check into the issue.

Q) I cant load any of the games. What is wrong?

A) The could be one of two reasons.

1) if you are running an Apple ][gs program, then you need to install the plugin for the emulator. Keep in mind that the ActiveGS plugin is only for windows based browsers. (Firefox and Internet Explorer.
2) If you are running an Apple ][ program, please make sure that you have Sun's version of Java installed. The Java engine can be downloaded for free from Sun's website at http://www.sun.com

Q) I have installed the ActiveGS plugin and it is still not working.

A) If you are using Firefox, there appears to be a memory leak in the program which will cause the emulator to freeze and the hour glass to go nuts. This has been tested and found to be a problem with Firefox and not with the emulator. One thing you can do is clear the cache on your computer and try reloading the page. If that doesnt not work then close the browser and start a new browser session. While we have done extensive testing, each newer version of the browser seems to introduce a new issue in this respect.

Q) I got the program to load but cant control anything with the keyboard.

A) Make sure that your caps lock key is set to ON. The original Apple II computer only had capital letters and thus most of the programs written for the early machines will only accept capital letters for input.

Q) I cant download a program

A) If you are getting a file not found, let us know through this BBS. It is possible that int he latest update, something went wrong or that the file disappeared.

Q) I have an issue with the site. Who do I report it to?

A) You can post it here and Bill will respond to the issue. When you post, be sure to include the title of the game, the browser and browser version as well as the OS you are using. As we find issues within the site or receive reports of a problem, we will generally fix them within 24-48 hours. Where we cant fix a problem, the disk will be re-imaged at the earliest convenience.

Q) How many games are there on this site

A) At this time, we have more than 1250 Apple II games and another 275 plus Apple IIgs games on the site. This is increasing as we find more items not already on the site. All of the games included on this website are either Abandonware or are copyrighted but used with permission of the original authors. These games come from a variety of sources from around the web including, Asimov, The WTB Collection, Phil Shapiro, Bill Martens, WITA2GS, and a variety of other sources. Box covers are from in-hosue sources and from original authors of the products. Screen Shots are from in-house sources.

Q) Do you guys accept donations to the site.

A) in a word, YES! We accept donations of materials, games, manuals, Box Covers, images, screen shots, time, and even money if you feel so inclined. If you would like to submit materials in any for to the website, please contact us with a private message. If you would like to contribute time and effort to the website, we also appreciate that and all contributors will be duly noted on the website.

Q) Can I play the games off line?

A) In a word, Yes. All of the games are downloadable and playable offline. Just download the image from the particular game page.

1) For Apple ][ games, we recommend Applewin 1.16.0 for the windows machines and the Virtual ][ emulator for the Mac.
2) If you wish to run an Apple IIgs program, we recommend either Kegs or Sweet16. All of the images will work on either platform.

Q) Does your website collect any browser information or use cookies?

A) Our website itself does not collect any personal information. Our BSS does collect information provided by the user as well as the IP address that the user logged in from for purposes of security. Other than that, there is no other data collected. Google Adsense on the other hand may collect your browsing habits. Google provides all ads on our website. Any issues with the manner in which Google collects and tracks your browsing will need to be taken up directly with Google.

Q) Can the game data be saved?

A) In version 4.2 of the website, this is not possible./ However, it is our intention to introduce a new system which will save all of your disks and game states using a complete CMS system in version 5.0 of the site. That version will require user logins but again will be easy

Q) Is the entire database down loadable?

A) While we have not done much to protect the site, the database too a great deal of time to build. With over 30,000 elements in it, we are not ready to let it go out into the wild. Also, it is really only useful to our system which auto-generates the web site. We also expand the database daily and it is our intention to have a database with over 3,000 programs and 150,000 elements within the year.

Q) Who is the webmaster of this web site?

A) Our curator / database manager is Bill Martens. The ActiveGS Emulator was created by The Free Tools Association. The AppleIIgo Emulator was created by Marc. Ressl. The Version we use on our website was produced by Nick Westgate. The Database was created by Joann Loos and Bill Martens. The Library 4.20 was Created by Bill martens.
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Re: FAQ for Virtual Apple.org

Postby scott7680 » Tue Jul 21, 2009 5:37 pm

Q: I am having trouble playing Zany Golf...the tracking is way off and almost makes it impossible to play. Any ideas? Also...can you go full screen?
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Re: FAQ for Virtual Apple.org

Postby billm » Wed Aug 05, 2009 8:12 am

A. Zany Golf was difficult to play even at its best on the real IIgs but we are attempting to put in a better joystick control to allow it to at least be manageable.
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Re: FAQ for Virtual Apple.org

Postby billm » Tue Sep 08, 2009 6:13 pm

We will be updating the FAQ this week due to some changes that are forth coming. We are trying to institute an environment control system which will allow for either Java or ActiveGS to be selected at the start and the environment will stay in control throughout the website.

Some quick updates to the FAQ include:

Q. I cant find the Java version of the program.

A. The Java version of the program is available in the right side information bar. We are changing this due to some confusion as to where it is. Hopefully the change will allow a bit clearer of an environment to allow for easy use. Also, the Java environment is only available for Apple ][ games.

Q. I have Mac OS X 10.4 (Tiger). Why wont the Active GS Work?

A. ActiveGS was specifically developed to run in the Intel based environment. Thus, 10.4 users must use the Java based page of the particular game.
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Re: FAQ for Virtual Apple.org

Postby angeldeb82 » Mon Jan 04, 2010 6:55 pm

When I try to play Uninvited or Deja Vu, all I get is an empty screen with "System Disk", "APPLEDISK5.25A" and "APPLEDISK5.25B", and I can't play it! What should I do? :(
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Re: FAQ for Virtual Apple.org

Postby billm » Thu Apr 01, 2010 3:12 am

Q. I am having issues playing Alice in Wonderland. What are the controls for the game?

A. Set the controls to Joystick:Mouse in the plugin version of the game. The game is now completely controllable with the mouse. On the Mac, the controls are the mouse and the Command key for the jump button.
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