Over the years, we have run the Virtual Apple ][ website, our expenditures each year have far outweighed the costs of running the website.  Of course, besides reaching into our own pockets to support the site, there have been others who have contributed, time, effort and money to the website in order to keep it free for all to use. This includes people who have contributed programming time, screenshot time, application and website testing time as well as those who have seen fit to help us keep the server running each year through financial donations.  

We have also had a number of users who have provided items to us for the website.  This includes manuals, floppies and images for the site.

Since we began accepting monetary donations this year, we decided it was time for this page to come to life.  We always try to give credit where credit is due and this page is our way of making sure our benefactors get their due as well. 

Our Executive Producers (Donations of 1000 USD or more in time, materials or funds)

T. Takamori (JP)

J. Loos (US)

A. Lee (AU)

O. Goguel (FR)

N. Westgate (NZ)

P. Squillace (US)

A. Vignau (FR)

Our Benefactors (Donations of 100 to 1000 USD in time, materials or funds)

S. Biswas (US)

P. Bright (US)

J. Woodall (US)

J. Maricondo (US)

P. Lord (NZ)

J. Marraccini

Friends of the site (Donations of 1 to 25 USD)

E. Eastman (US)

N. Johnson (US)

M. Bradshaw (US)

W. Thayer (US)

A. La France (US)

H. Thropp (US)

K. Suriko (US)

C. Sertorio (Switzerland)

L. Heitman (US)

D. Chalifoux  (Canada)

R. Razmahwata (Singapore)

T. Jansen (Germany)

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