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There is a place in the Western Atlantic, where more than 100 planes
and ships have literally vanished into thin air. Many people refer to
this area as The Devil's Triangle. Of more than 1000 lives have been
lost in this area in the last 26 years, not one body or piece has been
ever found.

As an experienced adventurer, you are asked to explore this area of
hopes of finding an explanation and possible solution to this
mystery. Many top top scientists have come up with several possible
explantions. The most widely excepted explantions is the possibility
of submerged crystals, actins as laser beams which destrub or destroy
navigational equip- ment of ships and planes. These crystals are
thought to been used by the 'ancient' Atlanteans as a power source,
specifically located in the 'Tongue of the Ocean'.


Words such as sea-fan,vase-sponge, and sand-dollar, should be broke
with a (-) hyphen.


pertaining to the lowest depths of the ocean.

a 'mythical' island in the Atlantic ocean that was said to sunk into
the sea.

a group of ancient under- water limestones caves that were once above
water. Due to the odd reflectivity of light in these caevs, fish are
often found swimming upside down.

a underwater volcano

the name of a trench located in the Devil's Triange. The largest
percentage of ships and planes occur in this location.

deep area in the ocean floor, generally deeper than 6,000 meters.
Accounts for less than 2% of the ocean's floor.