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Below the Root Documentation and Tips

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Welcome to the land of Green Sky! In Below the Root, you must find and
return Raamo to the people, for he is their spirit leader. Looking
everywhere is essential to complete the quest.


Format a disk in DOS 3.3 format. This may be used in order to save games
to disk.


Create your storage disk if you wish to save games to disk. Then put the
program disk into the drive and boot Below the Root. Choose "J" for
Joystick or "K" for Keyboard. Be sure to insert Side 2 first. The game
introduction will automatically begin. Introduction may be stopped by
pressing space bar or joystick button.


JOYSTICK CONTROL: To move your character or cursor, push joystick
forward or backward, left or right. To make a selection, press either
joystick button. To get to the possible selections while you are playing
the game, hold down the joystick button and pull the joystick down.

KEYBOARD CONTROL: Use the keys below to move in a direction. When you
want to make a selection, press spacebar. Left-handed players may use
alternate keys.

| or |
D--+--F J--+--K
| |

Left-handed players Right handed players


After the game is loaded, the main menu will appear with the following


To Begin a New Quest

1. Choose START GAME on the main menu.

2. The message "CHOOSE YOUR QUESTER" will appear. There are five
characters to choose from, each with their own abilities and
personality. Push your joystick forward or press the up key to cycle
through your options, then make a selection.

3. Depending on which character you choose, you may be asked to "INSERT
SIDE 1". Follow the instructions on your screen.

4. You will be instantly transported to the nid-place (home) of your
character, ready to begin the quest!

CONTINUE: To Return to your Quest

Use CONTINUE option after loading a previously saved game from the
storage disk.

DISK STORAGE: To Save or Reload a Quest

1. Select DISK STORAGE from the MAIN MENU.

2. The following message will appear:


3. Move cursor to SAVE GAME and select. the following message will

QUEST 1 2 3 4 5

You may save up to 5 different games on one storage disk. Saving
additional games will erase an old one.

4. Move cursor to a number and select.

5. You will be instructed to insert your storage disk. Follow
instructions on the screen. You will return to the Main Menu.

NOTE: After loading a saved game be sure to begin play by chosing the
CONTINUE option and not the START GAME option.

SAMPLE QUEST: To get a preview of Green-Sky

To get a preview, simply choose SAMPLE QUEST. A character will
demonstrate a few of the techniques on playing the game.


NAME: Neric
SEX: Kindar-born young man
HOME: Star Grund

NAME: Genna
SEX: Kindar
HOME: Grand Grund

SEX: Kindar child, Raamo's sister
HOME: Sky Grund

NAME: Charn
SEX: Ten-year old erdling boy
HOME: Silk Grund

NAME: Herd
SEX: Erdling
HOME: Broad Grund


Spirit skills will aid you in your quest. It is essential that you
discover how to use and raise your spirit skills. As you master higher
levels, you will have more spirit skills and come closer to uncovering
the secret that will save Green-Sky. Check your spirit level by
reviewing the STATUS option on your menu. Be aware that your use of
spirit skills uses energy.

PENSE: An ancient skill, mind touching, allows you to read the minds of
others and communicate without speaking.

Pense Emotions Can be performed from any distance. Uses 1 unit of
spirit energy. Spirit Limit: 5

Pense Messages You must be within speaking distance of the one you are
pensing. Uses 1 unit of spirit energy. Spirit Limit: 10

HEAL: The healing spirit allows you to restore partially your food and
rest. This is helpful when you're far from your nid-place. Each use of
the skill uses 5 units of spirit energy. Spirit Limit: 15

GRUNSPREKE: The ability to influence tree growth. Each use of the skill
uses 2 units of spirit energy. Spirit Limit: 20

KINIPORT: The ability to move inaccessible objects or your own body with
your mind. This most highly advanced spirit skill is so difficult to
achieve that few Green-Sky people have the ability. However, you must
master Kiniporting if you are to succeed.

Kiniport Tools Will move objects out of reach. Uses 5 units of spirit
energy. Spirit Limit: 25

Kiniport your Body Will move your body to a place of your choice. Uses
10 units of spirit energy. Spirit Limit: 30


Once you leave your nid-place, you are free to travel in any direction.
It might be helpful to make a map. This is how you'll get around:


WALK: Move the joystick left or right.

JUMP: (while standing still) Hold the joystick button down and push the
joystick in the direction you want to jump.

RUN: Jump and keep the joystick pressed toward the direction in which
you wish to run. Return to a walk by stopping the character briefly.

CLIMB: Push the joystick forward or backward while you are on a ladder
or vine.

CRAWL: Push joystick backward when in a standing position to stoop
down. Then push joystick left or right.

STAND UP: Push the joystick forward when you are in a crawl position.

FALL: Walk off the end of a ramp or tree limb.

GLIDE: Gliding is possible only if you are carrying a shuba. To glide,
push the joystick button while you are falling. Once the gilde begins,
push the joystick sideways to move left or right.

EXIT OR ENTER A DOORWAY: Position yourself over the door and press the
joystick button.

ON KEYBOARD (use the keys shown on the diagram)

WALK: Press the appropriate key for the direction you want to go. JUMP:
From a standing position, press the appropriate directional key quickly
two times. While walking, press the appropriate directional key once.
To jump from a ladder or vine, go right or left. Jumping from ladders is
not allowed underground. RUN: After a jump, you will automatically
start running. STOP: Press the key opposite to the direction you are
moving. CLIMB: Press the appropriate directional key while you're on a
ladder or vine. CRAWL: Press the down key when you are not on a ladder
or vine to stoop. Then go right or left. STAND UP: Press the up key
when you're in the crawl position. FALL: Walk off the end of a ramp or
tree limb. GLIDE: Press the left or right directional keys while you're
falling. EXIT OR ENTER A DOORWAY: Position yourself over the door and
press the up key.


After you choose your character, you'll be ready to explore Green-Sky.
The option menu enables you to choose all the activities you will need
in Green-Sky. To display and use the option menu:


1. Hold the joystick button down while you pull the joystick backward.

2. Move around the Menu by pushing the joystick in the direction you
want to go.

3. Stop on the option of your choice, press the joystick button.


1. Press the spacebar.

2. Move around the Menu using directional keys.

3. Stop on the option of your choice and press the space bar.

NOTE: Whenever the Menu is visible, the timer will stop.

PAUSE: Pause during game then return to the quest.

SPEAK: Move close to another game character. Be sure you are facing each
other. The other character's message will appear.

PENSE: Depending on your level of spirit skill, you can pense emotions
or messages. To pense messages, you must be standing close to and facing
the other character.

OFFER: Offer anything you are carrying to another character. Cycle
through your inventory and select.

TAKE: Position yourself over any item you would like to take. If you can
take the item, it will instantly disappear from the screen. You are now
carrying it in your inventory.

BUY: Stand close to and face the merchant. The merchant will take your
token and give you permission to take an item, provided you have room to
carry it. After buying, be sure to take item.

USE: Use trencher beaks, vine ropes, honeylamps, and other tools you
happen to aqquire.

Trencher Beak: Face the bramble then USE the beak. One layer of bramble
will disappear; repeat process until you clear bramble. If you get
caught in a bramble patch without a beak or cutting tool, you must RENEW

Vine rope: Face direction you want to throw rope. Try to USE the rope.
The rope will appear if there is something for the rope to conntect to
in the direction you throw it. CRAWL across the vine rope, or you'll

Honeylamp: It will be obvious when you need to USE the lamp.

EAT: Eat any of the edibles you are carrying. Cycle through your
inventory and select.

DROP: Drop an item, if you are carrying too much.

SELL: You may sell tools and food to any of the merchants.

HEAL: This spirit skill will restore your energy and food level.

REST: Rest indoors on the hanging green nids, either in your own
nid-place or in the nid-places of others who offer you rest. Stand in
front of the nid and select REST.

EXAMINE: Examine unfamiliar objects you happen to come upon.

INVENTORY: Displays what you are carrying.

GRUNSPREKE: If you have enough spirit skills, you have the power to make
tree limbs grow. Stand at the edge of a limb, facing outward. With each
successful grunspreking, the tree limb grows. Step out on the new growth
and GRUNSPREKE again to create a living bridge.

KINIPORT: If you have enough spirit skills, you have the power to mvoe
tools or your own body using psychic power. When you select KINIPORT, a
pointer will appear on the screen.

To kiniport tools: Move the pointer to the tool you want to move.
Select. Then point to where you wish to move it. Select again. You must
place the tool on a spot where you will be able to stand when you pick
it up.

To kiniport your body: Place the pointer on your body near your feet.
Select. Then point to the spot where you want to move.

STATUS: Displays your STATUS at any given point during your quest.

RENEW: If you get stuck somewhere, RENEW will return you home at the
expense of losing a day of quest time.

MENU: Return to the main menu.

STATUS: How you can check on your progress:

Checking on status will give you all the information about yourself.



DAY: Your performance as a quester will be judged on the number of days
you take to complete the quest. At the end of 50 days your time will run

TIME OF DAY: Reports the current time of day. Game time passes whenever
you are moving around the Green-Sky enviroment. Time stops whenever the
Option Menu, Main Menu, Status Display, or text of any kind is being

SPIRIT LIMIT: Indicates your current Spirit Limit.

STAMINA: Rates your maximum strength. Questers with more stamina can
store more rest and food energy, jump farther, and carry more. Your
stamina can be increased in the Quest by eating Strange Exilers.

QUESTER: Displays your name. Depending on which character you have
chosen, your beginning spirit and stamina will vary.

LEVEL OF REST: Your rest energy is used as your journey time passes.
Jumping, climbing, and especially crashing will also use rest energy.
Your level can be restored by resting in your nid or in the nid of a
friendly character. Your maximum level is one-half of your stamina. If
your rest drops below 0, you will be forced to return to your nid-place.
You will have lost a day of game time but your energy levels will be

LEVEL OF FOOD: Food energy is depleted in the same manner as rest
energy. Dropping below zero will return you to your nid-place. Keep
your food level up by eating.

LEVEL OF SPIRIT: The amount of spirit energy you posess. This energy is
depleted every time you use a Spirit Skill. Spirit energy is restored as
game time passes.

Note: An example of the difference between SPIRIT LIMIT and LEVEL OF

You may have a SPIRIT LIMIT of 20 and thus have the ability to
GRUNSPREKE. Grunspreking, however, uses two units of spirit energy, so
if your level of spirit is currently less than 2, you cannot Grunspreke
until your energy is restored.

(*)(*)(*) BELOW THE ROOT GAME TIPS (*)(*)(*)

OBJECTS: (descriptions and where to find them)

PAN BREAD: Pan Bread is a main source of food for the people of Below
the Root. Pan Bread is a good meal and provides good nutrients. You can
find Pan Bread at Sky Grund, Grand Grund, and Silk Grund. You can also
find Pan Bread at a shop.

ROAST LAPAN: Roast Lapan provides protein for long trips. Some roast
lapans have strange tastes and lower your spirit energy. You can find
Roast Lapans below Garden Grund at the Lapan House, and also at Broad

FRUIT AND NUTS: Fruit and nuts provide quick energy to keep going, and
are a good snack. Fruit and nuts can be found at Garden Grund, Below the
Root in Vatar's Quarters, at Temple Grund, and you can purchase them at

SHUBAS: Shubas are used to glide between the Grund, and slow you down so
you can land on branches without hurting yourself. You are automatically
given one shuba at your home. Additional shubas can be found below
Garden Grund, or may be purchased at Star Grund. Beware, for some shubas
tear easily, especially when you're falling from braches.

TOKENS: Tokens are the money of Below the Root. Tokens can be used to
bribe others, or to purchase objects at shops. Tokens are located every-
where in Below the Root. An enormous supply is also found in the

WISSENBERRIES: Wissenberries have no real use, except to bribe the guard
at the front of the door that leads to the cavern. Never eat
wissenberries, for they can weaken you. Wissenberries are found at Sky
Grund, Garden Grund, and at Temple Grund. They can also be purchased at
Grand Grund.

VINE ROPES: Vine ropes are used to cross from one place to another, and
can prove very useful at times. Vine ropes can also be given to Raamo to
save him. Vine ropes are located at Sky Grund, Broad Grund, and at
Temple Grund. Can be purchased at Star Grund.

HONEYLAMPS: Honeylamps are used in the caverns to light the way. You
need a big supply, for honeylamps die quickly. They can be found at
Grand Grund, in Broad Grund shops, and in the caverns.

TRENCHER BEAK: Trencher beaks are used to cut bramble in order to make a
path. Trencher beaks are weak and could break at any time. The Wand of
Befal is a better tool. Trencher Beaks found at Broad Grund Shops, and
at Silk Grunds.

WAND OF BEFAL: The Wand of Befal takes the place of a trencher beak, but
is very strong, and does not break. The Wand of Befal is hard to get. It
is owned by the evil group called the NEKOM. You must get kidnapped by
the NEKOM in order to aqquire the wand. See elsewhere for the hideouts
of the NEKOM. SPECIAL NOTE: The Wand of Befal can also be used to kill
people, but completely takes away your spirit level and energy.

SPIRIT LAMP: The Spirit Lamp takes the place of the honeylamps, but does
not burn out. The Spirit Lamp can only be acquired in Temple Grund using
D'O Falla's key. The Chamber of the Forgotten is where the Spirit Lamp
is found. The Chamber is located by Vine Palace in Temple Grund. See
elsewhere for the location of D'O Falla's key.

SPIRIT BELL: The Spirit Bell rings whenever there is a door that you
cannot see underground. The Spirit Bell is located on top of Sky Grund.
See elsewhere for more details.

STRANGE EXILERS: Strange exilers are a type of food that you can eat,
and you will grow stronger. Strange exilers are really useful if you're
low on energy and strength and food, the strange exiler revives this
plus gives you extra. Strange exilers are located in Sky Grund, Garden
Grund, and in Temple Grund. Exilers are very rare. There is also one in
the hideout of the evil gang, D'O Slatt and in the caverns. See
elsewhere for the location of D'O Slatt's hideout and how to get there.

TEMPLE KEY: The Temple Key has a numerous amount of uses. The Temple Key
can unlock the front gates of Temple Grund. The Temple Key can also
unlock the door to the Temple. The Temple Key can also unlock the doors
that hold objects in D'O Slatt's and the Nekom's hideouts. The Temple
Key is located in Temple Grund, near the top of the grund. Use a shuba
to glide down and retreive the key. NOTE: If you don't have the key, and
can't get the key, and need to get into Temple Grund, there's a way. See

D'O FALLA'S KEY: D'O Falla's key is the key to unlock the Chamber of the
Forgotten. In order to get this key, first get permission from D'O Falla
who lives in Temple Grund in the Vine Palace. Then jump off the edge of
Temple Grund and glide to the ground. Go left, climb up the ladder, and
glide down onto the platform and retrieve the key.


WISE CHILD: The Wise Child lives up near the garden in Garden Grund, and
is very easy to get to. The Wise Child gives you advice and 5 points of
Spirit Energy.

RAAMO'S MOTHER: Raamo's mother lives in the Temple in Temple Grund, and
gives 5 points of spirit energy. You need the Temple Key to enter.

VATAR: Vatar lives below in the caverns and gives 5 points of spirit
energy, and has 2 fruits & nuts which you can get simply by talking to
him. Once you enter the caverns, keep going right and you can't miss

HERMIT: The hermit lives atop of Grand Grund. It really isn't that hard
to get there, but you need a trencher beak or the Wand of Befal to enter
& exit.

D'O NESHOM: D'O Neshom lives atop Sky Grund, and it is not easy to get
there. You will need at least 1 vine rope. If you are Pomma, you will
need 2 vine ropes to get there. Vine ropes are all around in Sky Grund.
D'O Neshom gives you 5 points of energy, plus the Spirit Bell.

ANIMALS: Pensing rabbits (lapans) and monkeys will give you 1 point of
spirit energy. Spiders and snakes do not give spirit energy, and can
tear your shuba quite easily. There are 3 spirit-giving animals in Sky
Grund, 2 in Garden Grund, 1 in Silk Grund, 1 below Temple Grund, and 1
underground near Raamo. Simply get by the animals, and pense them for 1
point of spirit energy. If you get enough animals, that could amount up
to 7 extra points, good for characters with weak spirit energy.


NEKOM: The Nekom is an evil organization that has the Wand of Befal, a

of trencher beak, but much stronger and it does not break. The hideout
of the Nekom is below Star Grund, and almost impossible to reach by
hand. Getting kidnapped is easier. There are many kidnappers for the
Nekom. If someone offers you sleep, pense them and you can tell if
they're working for the Nekom. If they are, you can sleep there and
you'll be kidnapped. Once you are kidnapped and in the Nekom hideout,
you will need the power to kiniport or you will need the Temple Key in
order to get the Wand of Befal.

D'O Slatt: D'O Slatt's men are much more evil then the followers of the
Nekom. These men also offer you sleep. Some can be found wandering
outside, just waiting to kidnap you. Just pense them in order to find
out if they're working for D'O Slatt. They usually say, "D'O Slatt's men
are waiting." Sometimes, outside, men or women with an evil emotion
usually work with D'O Slatt. Once you are kidnapped and arrive at D'O
Slatt's hideout, you will need to use the Temple Key or the power to
kiniport to get the Strange exiler there. The hideout is located in
Broad Grund. A man who lives near Broad Grund is a kidnapper for D'O
Slatt also.


NERIC: Neric is a good one to use if you are just beginning to play
Below the Root. Neric has good strength, and some spirit energy. He's a
good one to quest with.

GENAA: Genaa is a good one if you need a little challenge. Genaa is very
strong, but has no spirit energy. See elsewhere for places to acquire
spirit energy.

HERD: Herd is kind of like Neric. He has moderate strength, and moderate
spirit energy. He is a middle person. Note that some people do not like
Herd and will not give him supplies.

POMMA: Everybody ADORES Pomma. They'll give her anything she wants. Even
if people hate kids, her emotions win them over. Pomma has some
strength, and is greatly spirit gifted. Pomma will need strange exilers
later in the quest.

CHARN: Let's all face it, Charn was created for a challenge, and I mean
a big challenge!!! He is a weakling, and his spirit gift was created for
the birds. If you want a challenge, here it is!!!


ENTERING THE TEMPLE GRUND WITHOUT A KEY: If you need to get into Temple
Grund, and have no key, simply revive your spirit energy, and go to the
top of Star Grund. Get to the rightmost edge of the highest branch, and
grunspreke till it says you can't grunspreke anymore. Then jump off the
edge, and quickly pop open your shuba. You will keep on gliding, right
past the gate to Temple Grund, and you're in!!

SHOPS ARE NO GOOD: Shops really are no help. You can get the same
supplies for free at houses. Each thing that is in a store is also in
some house. Why buy when you can get it for free??

GUARD AT THE FRONT ENTRANCE: The guard to the front entrance to the
cavern takes wissenberries before you enter. If you give him 2 batches
of wissen- berries, the guard will disappear and you won't ever have to
worry about gathering wissenberries ever again.

HOW TO GET TO THE CAVERN: Getting to the cavern is really quite simple.
The cavern is directly below Sky Grund, simply go to the bottom of Sky
Grund and go left. You can't miss it!

HOW TO GET TO IMPOSSIBLE PLACES: Using the grunspreke power, the wand of
befal, and a shuba you can get almost anywhere!

WHAT YOU NEED TO EXPLORE THE CAVERN: You need wissenberries for the
front guard, you need a token for the guard inside, you need a lamp (the
spirit lamp, or many honeylamps) and you need the Wand of Befal or a
trencher beak in order to clear the bramble in the cave. You also need a
vine rope or a shuba in order to save Raamo, and the Spirit Bell in
order to find some hidden doors.


Solving Below the Root is not an easy task. But here's a way to go about
it. Explore every grund, take any supplies, get the spirit energy if
there is any, and explore the next grund. Return to your house
frequently to drop off items. When you have explored every grund, go in
the caverns with your special cavern supplies, and keep going right.
Going left in the caverns leads no place. You can visit Vatar. Keep
going right, and soon you'll hear your spirit bell ring. Enter the
invisible door, go left and use your power of kiniport to save Raamo! Be
sure to offer him a shuba or a vine rope, and you've won!!