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California Games Documentation by The Doc

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                          Documentation by: The Doc

                           Cracked by: Tom E. Hawk


"Hey, thrasher!  Dontcha ever wear knee pads?"  "Didja see that?  He caught
some air on the half pipe!  Radical!"

Welcome to California.  Home of the most radical sports in the world.  Rad,
bad and aggro.  You're about to hit the beaches, parks and streets of the
Golden State to go for trophies in everything from surfing to bike racing. 
CALIFORNIA GAMES gives you the hottest sports.  And the most aggro
competition.  You even get to pick your own sponsor.

So pull on those knee pads.  You're about to get into the most fun you've had
since Mom hid your skateboard.  CALIFORNIA GAMES is going to take you from
the surf to the turf.  From the pipe to the parks.  Are you gonna love it, or

We'll start you off in the heart of Hollywood, with skateboards in hot
competition on the radical Half Pipe.  Then we'll rocket up to San Francisco
for the high-flying Foot Bag and some really wild footwork.  After that, it's
down to the beach for two of the coolest sports we've got in California. 
There's an awesome Roller Skating obstacle course, followed by the king of
coastal competition.  Surfing.  You'll be shooting the tube and carving the
biggest breakers around.

Over at the dirt track, you'll pump the pedals of a BMX racing bike.  And
your moves had better be bad.  For the grand finale, you'll go to Yosemite
where you'll be flinging the fantastic Flying Disk.  That's six massive
events.  You're gonna have your hands full.  Not to mention your feet.

You're about to get into the wildest games of them all...CALIFORNIA GAMES. 
It's only, like, the most totally awesome game in the world.


CALIFORNIA GAMES is a challenge of skills for one to eight players.  The
object of the games is to win trophies in each individual event.  Players can
also compete for the top trophy in overall competition.

CALIFORNIA GAMES includes six exciting events:  Half Pipe Skateboard, Foot
Bag, Surfing, Skating, BMX Bike Racing, and Flying Disk.  You can practice or
compete in any single event, compete in all the events, or even set up your
own competition using events that you choose yourself.

Each player chooses a sponsor for the competition.  You are judged on each
event and a record is kept of your score.  Trophies are awarded to the top
scoring competitors.

If you break an event record, CALIFORNIA GAMES will save your name and
display it on a special high score screen.  Improve your skills in each
event, compete with your family and friends and become a California Champion.


Loading Instructions:

- Insert your CALIFORNIA GAMES disk into the disk drive with the
label facing up in drive 1.
- Turn the computer on.


When the CALIFORNIA GAMES title screen appears, press the FIRE BUTTON on your
joystick to continue to the menu screen.  The CALIFORNIA GAMES menu offers a
choice of six options.  To make a selection, use your joystick to move the
cursor to your choice, then press the FIRE BUTTON.  You may also select an
option by typing the corresponding numbered key.

OPTION 1:  Compete in All the Events

Compete in all six events.  The number of trophies awarded to each player is
tallied as you compete, and a special trophy is awarded to the overall
champion at the conclusion of the last event.  You'll compete in the events
in this order:  Half Pipe Skateboard, Foot Bag, Surfing, Skating, BMX Bike
Racing and Flying Disk.

- You'll first be asked to enter your name and pick a sponsor.
- Type your name on the keyboard and press the RETURN key.
- Use the joystick to move the cursor to the sponsor of your choice,
then press the FIRE BUTTON to pick that sponsor.
- Repeat the name and sponsor selection for each addition player (up
to eight).  When all players' names and sponsors have been entered, press the
RETURN key again.
- A verification screen will appear.  If all the names are correct,
select YES with the joystick and press the FIRE BUTTON, or type A.  If you
need to make any changes, select NO or type B.

OPTION 2: Compete in Some Events

Similar to Option 1, but you compete in the events of your choice.

- Choose the event(s) by typing the corresponding numbered key or by
moving your joystick and pressing the FIRE BUTTON.
- The events you choose will be displayed in purple.
- When you are finished choosing the events, move the cursor to the
word DONE and press the FIRE BUTTON.

OPTION 3: Compete in One Event

Similar to Option 1 and 2, but you compete in any single event of your

- Choose the event by typing the corresponding numbered key or by
moving your joystick and pressing the FIRE BUTTON.

OPTION 4: Practice One Event

- Choose the event by typing the corresponding numbered key or by
moving your joystick and pressing the FIRE BUTTON.  No scores are kept during
practice rounds.

OPTION 5: View High Scores

- Displays the highest score recorded in all events, with the name of
the player who achieved each record.
- Press the FIRE BUTTON to return to the menu.

OPTION 6: View Title Screen

- Displays the title screen and credits.
- Press the FIRE BUTTON to return to the menu.



It's time to get air on the half pipe.  Skateboarding is definitely
an awesome event, combining strength and coordination--often with amazing
results.  You'll be riding a skateboard in a specially built half-pipe. 
You'll have a 1:15 minute time period, or three falls, to build up speed and
successfully complete stunts.  Points are awarded for each stunt, and the
highest score wins the event.

OBJECT:  The object of the half-pipe event is to ride the board back and
forth on the ramp, performing stunts with proper timing and execution.

- Press the FIRE BUTTON to launch your board and start the event.
- To gain speed, move the joystick UP when the skater is going up the
side of the ramp, then move the joystick DOWN when the skater is going down.
- To perform a stunt, move the joystick as shown in the diagram.  Pay
attention to timing, because you'll fail if you move the stick too soon, too
late, or if you hold it too long.  After three falls, the event is over.

Tap joystick                                                 Tap joystick
Right to start  -------->                         <--------  Left to start
Aerial Turn                                                  Aerial Turn
Press the FIRE  ------->   |                    |  <------- Press the FIRE
BUTTON to start            |                    |           BUTTON to start
Hand Plant                  \                  /            Hand Plant
                         /   \________________/  \
       Tap stick Right to                          Tap stick Left
       start Kick Turn                             to start Kick Turn

- To start a kick turn, move the joystick as indicated on the diagram
above.  Earn maximum points by waiting until the last moment to start the
turn, and holding the joystick until the moment before you'd wipe out.
- To start an aerial turn, tap the joystick in the direction
indicated above.  To perform this move successfully, you must be in the air
off the edge of the ramp before tapping the joystick.
- To perform a hand plant, press and hold the FIRE BUTTON just as you
reach the top of the ramp.  The skater will plant his hands and flip the
board over his head.  Wait to release the button until the board arcs over
and returns to the ramp.  Earn maximum points for pressing the button at the
last moment, and releasing it at the last moment.

SCORING:  You score points for each stunt completed successfully.  Your score
increases with the amount of risk you take.  For example, if you hold a turn
until the last moment, you get more points than if you pull out early when
it's safer.  Some stunts are more difficult and earn higher scores than

Kick Turns       100           300
Hand Plants      400           700

Aerial Turns     400           999

STRATEGY:  It's important to build up the right amount of speed before trying
a stunt.  You can gain speed by doing a "fakie."  To fakie, hold the joystick
up or down for the full duration of the ramp (from top to bottom).  Remember
that you'll wipe out if you go too fast.  Above all, be sure to get plenty of
practice on the half pipe.  This event takes experience to get the timing
down just right.


This is probably the most laid back event, but don't lose your cool,
it isn't easy.  The Foot Bag event is like juggling with your feet.  In this
event, you have to keep a juggling bag in the air for 1:15 minutes, without
using your hand.  Success is all in the timing.  If you time your kicks
correctly, you'll keep the bag bouncing high in the air.  Score extra points
by performing stunts.  The highest score wins the event.

OBJECT:  Hacking at the sack with your feet, knees and head, you must try to
make as many kicks as you can before time runs out.  And remember, you get
extra points for every stunt you perform.

- Press the FIRE BUTTON to kick the bag into the air and start the
- As the bag falls back toward the ground, press the FIRE BUTTON to
kick again just before the bag reaches your foot.
- To perform a head butt, press the FIRE BUTTON just before the bag
drops below the level of your head.
- Move the joystick as indicated in the diagram to control other

          Move Left <---   ---> Move Right
       Turn Around
    (About face)

- Several types of kicks are possible, including inside kicks,
outside kicks, jumping reverse kicks, knee kicks and back kicks.
- To perform different types of kicks, move to new positions
underneath the bag while it's in the air.  For example, move to the right so
the bag will drop next to you (but not too far).  Now press the FIRE BUTTON
when the bag approaches and you'll perform an outside kick.
- Other kicks are performed by positioning yourself in different
ways.  Discover the ways to perform all the kicks by trying various movements
during practice.

SCORING:  You earn points for each stunt or kick performed successfully. 
More difficult stunts, like turning around while the bag is in the air, earn
higher scores.  You lose time if you drop the bag or kick it off the screen. 
You also earn points for consecutive kicks completed without allowing the bag
to touch the ground.  Earn bonus for catching the sack when thrown from
offscreen.  Here are some stunts to try by combining different kicks and
Any Kick: (10 pts.)
Half Axle: (250 pts.) Any two kicks with a half spin in between.
Full Axle: (500 pts.) Any two kicks with a full spin in between.
Horseshoe: (500 pts.) Left back kick + Right back kick.
Jester: (2000 pts.) Left jumping kick or right jumping kick.
Double arch: (2500 pts.) Left outside kick + right outside kick +
left outside kick.
Doda: (5000 pts.) Left outside kick + head butt + right outside kick.
Off Screen Catch: (1500 pts.)

STRATEGY:  The more complicated kicks and stunts you can complete before time
runs out, the higher your score will be.  Special bonus points are awarded
for variety, so use as many different stunts as you can.


Surfing began as the sport of Hawaiian kings; now it rules the
California coastline.  From Santa Cruz to Rincon Point, surfers and their
colorful boards dot the miles of sun-splashed beaches.  And you're about to
join them.  You'll shoot the curl, shred the tube and probably even eat a
litte sand (when you wipe out).  It's going to be hot.  You'll be there.  And
you'll be awesome.

OBJECT:  Competition surfing is a game of staying near the curl of the wave
and maneuvering your board smoothly at high speeds.  Ride the face of the
wave, moving back and forth, in and out of the tube.  "Use" as much of the
wave as you can before your ride comes to an end.

- Press the FIRE BUTTON to catch a wave and start the event.
- Hold the joystick LEFT to avoid wiping out at the beginning of your
- To steer the board to the surfer's left, move the joystick LEFT.
- To steer the board to the surfer's right, move the joystick RIGHT.
- Hold the FIRE BUTTON down to make sharper turns.  Note that sharp
turns slow you down.
- If you go too close to the bottom of the wave, you'll either wipe
out or end your ride by leaving the wave.
- To end your ride cleanly, go over the top of the wave.
- If you go over the top of the wave and turn your board around in
the air, you can catch the wave again (but you'll wipe out if you come back
down at a bad angle).
- You get 1:30 minutes for the event or 4 wipeouts.  You earn more
points for longer rides, so try to ride each wave as long as you possible

SCORING:  You're scored for the length of your ride, the number of turns you
make and your speed each time you turn.  You also earn high points from the
judges for riding in the tube (underneath the curl of the wave), and riding
near the break.  "Catching air" scores extra points:  ride up to the top of
the wave until the end of your board clears the crest, then turn and continue
your ride.

STRATEGY:  Your final score is based on how well you "use" the wave.  Riding
along straight, far out in front of the break counts for very little.  Take
risks.  The more risks you take to do your stunts, the more points you will
earn.  Making cutbacks (180-degree turns), moving up and down the wave and
doing 360's (complete circles) all earn high scores.  Earn maximum points for
high speed turns, especially if you complete them near the top of the wave or
near the break.


Roller Skating is hot.  Anyone can skate and almost everyone does,
with a feeling of freedom unlike any other sport.  And CALIFORNIA GAMES
skating is as radical as you can get.  The trick is to skate down a beach
boardwalk without falling.  You'll have to avoid cracks in the sidewalk,
grass, sand, puddles of water, shoes lying in your path and more.  You'll
have to squat to miss flying beach balls.  You'll even have to jump over
missing pieces of the sidewalk!

OBJECT:  The object in roller skating is to avoid the obstacles and cover the
course in the best possible time, with as many stunts as you can perform
during the event.

- Press the FIRE BUTTON to start the event.
- To begin skating, roll the joystick to the UP position.  Then roll
the joystick to the DOWN position.  Continue rolling between these two
positions to gain speed.
- Move the joystick as shown in the diagram to perform other skating

     Counter Clockwise