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Press clippings and articles have appeared all over the internet about this site and this list below is just a few of the articles and websites that have covered us. If you see one that we have missed, let us know at webmaster at

These are just a select few but there are tons more.  With over 17,000 sites having some form of link to our emulator, there is no shortage of press. Good and Bad. For the Bad side, we decided to list this one which will make all Apple aficionados howl at the moon

Keep the articles and the links coming.  We will post more from time to time when we aren't busy with more pressing issues like finding more games for the site or writing a Java emulator for the site.

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John Dvorak, also a regular on TWIT is not so fond of our little site, but then when is he ever fond of anything. To quote him so we don't get it wrong, "I thought it might be interesting. it’s not. It’s crap and you need a joystick to have any real fun. But I promised I’d post it"
Kris Lane, proprietor of the Retro Game Network site wrote an article talking about the Apple II, Virtual Apple ][ and some of the games on the site. Well worth the read.
This week in Technology covered us last year which caused our servers to strain under the load.
The Free Tools Association are the guys that make the technology which allow us to do what we do. Thanks to Oliver, we now have Firefox Compatibility.
The 1Mhz PodCast is the one place that always talks about the Apple II series computers. Check them out when you get the chance.
Hack A Day is a cool site that covers tons of electronic hacks.
Inside My Mind blogger Justin Ritchie covered us and expressed his youthful fascination with the Apple II game Number Munchers.
Casual Gameplay covered us a while back and believes this is a cool way to relive computing history.
Jerry Pournelle is one of the occaisional TWIT guests and is one of the people who mentioned us in the web cast.
Karl submitted a nice article on TechDirt about having learned everything from Where in the World is Carmen San Diego.
Armchair Arcade is a wonderful retro site which has information and news about all kinds of games for almost every platform imaginable.

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