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Virtual Apple ][ does not collect any user personal information at any time other than that provided by our users in our support BBS and that used by our web stats system.   We do not use cookies outside of those used by the support BBS and the Virtual Apple ][ website contains no spyware or viruses of any type.  

We take very seriously the security of that data which is provided to our system by our users and at no time will sell, barter or trade any of the information contained in our user profiles. 

Our advertising consists of two types of ads.  Direct sales and Google ads We run Google Ads on our site.  Google may track your browsing habits.  Virtual Apple ][ in no way controls any of the tracking by Google and thus takes no responsibility for any said tracking.

Virtual Apple ][ does not, at any time, trade links with other sites and will never allow advertising that is not General Audience consumable. If you are interested in sponsoring the website, we offer monthly rates that are industry competitive.  

Our web stats and log files are also not for sale at any time to any party.

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